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Perhaps Stanger’s most infamous and iron-clad rule is that millionaires have to abstain from sex before they are “exclusive.” She is known to announce: “No in, in, or in,” pointing to each orifice, in case any deaf-mutes happen to be watching.“Millionaire Matchmaker” Patti Stanger has found a match for herself this time around - and she did it by looking online. Ex-baseball-player-turned-mortgage broker Krausse is already a dad of two.Luxury, it turns out, does not protect anyone from their worst behavior.celebrates the “committed monogamous relationship” throughout the show and often ends unhappily.Today, she has her own company dealing with matchmaking called, Millionaire’s Club International Inc. Actually, the firm finds husbands or wives for millionaires.Due to her successful matchmaking business, she stars in “The Millionaire Matchmaker”, a reality show aired on Bravo.

She schooled at Millburn High School and then, proceeded to the University of Miami in 1983.

“I think we were friends to start, and we’ll be friends in the end.

I just feel that there’s another guy out there for me.” Patti claimed the break-up was more her idea than his. We have differences of opinion about a lot of things and a lot of them are about the future,” she continued, explaining that the split wasn’t just about having children.

Patti Stanger has made a living off of setting people up.

She has her own millionaire matchmaking service, a hit reality show on Bravo, a love advice book, and owns an online dating site,

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