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First Lady Chirlane Mc Cray, a vocal abuse prevention advocate, was on hand to witness the course in action for the first time. ” Wynn tossed a curveball to test his resolve, asking if she could “change” or “do better” because she loved him and wanted to stay together.

I told myself it was a social experiment, or even a kind of anthropological adventure.On the other hand, a small part of me feared that the room would be filled with ax murderers posing as well-intentioned Catholics.Or even worse, that the room would contain well-intentioned Catholics unwilling to discuss topics other than religion.I received warm greetings from my fellow participants, all of whom appeared harmless enough that, when the event organizer asked us to sign a waiver releasing him of all responsibility for what followed, I felt fairly confident I didn’t need to read the fine print.As we waited for the event to begin, I talked to a few small groups of participants and surveyed the room.

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We have witnessed so many success stories; let the next one be yours!

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