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You long for the swooning voices of men and women who knew what they wanted out of life. While everyone insists on exchanging greetings over Facebook and Twitter, you can't help but wonder what happened to the good old days of mail.You want the sophistication, the class and the plot lines that aren't about aliens, natural disasters or vampires. Is there any better feeling than holding the weight of an envelope in your hand?I didn't want to wear their clothes or play their games. I refused to join Facebook or Instagram and wouldn't go with them to the concerts and movies they found so fun. “Why, dear, you're just an old soul.”That was it, I was diagnosed.I'd sit at home, alone with my parents as they asked me why I never went out with anymore. And like so many afflicted with the same disease, my life became easier once I knew who I was and what I was. I like old movies, I like the idea of times I've never experienced and fashions I'll never wear.

Written by Chiara Atik with a forward How About We co-founders Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout, Modern Dating, like Helen Gurley Brown’s Sex and the Single Girl 60s manifesto, heralds an entirely new dating era where the world of modern relationships is as flexible and confusing as ever.Online Dating Courtship Rules For the most part, it is still men who are expected to make the approach on online dating sites.Hence, the traditional courtship rules still apply.I had no interest in any of their conversations or ideas of fun. After a few long, confusing years, my grandmother solved it for me in one easy observation.I didn't want to go to their movies or their water parks. I wasn't sure what was wrong, but I had lost all interest in everything my friends loved so much and this made it hard to keep it up. All I wanted to do was watch old Fellini films, go to jazz clubs and shop for Parisian chic outfits that reminded me of Audrey Hepburn. She said it so simply, so clearly and made it so easy for me to understand and accept.

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