Melayu boy chat

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Melayu boy chat

Is it sometimes hard to put in words the feelings that are boiling inside you?

You want to say something to your friends that would help them understand you better?

Bo Jio derives from the Hokkien word that means "never invite", we Malaysians normally use it to people who didn't invite us to a certain event, outing or gathering.

Commonly seen on Facebook comments (especially pictures), Twitter and Instagram.

Leng Zai comes from the Cantonese word 靚仔 which means handsome (boy).

We created a cute minimalist look for the boys that made out of light and breathable cotton linen for comfort as it's priority.

Most men in this (office) group are married & know those women are married too,” he wrote in the Twitter post that was posted on August 8 that has since accumulated over two thousands Retweets.

But due to being an inactive member of the chat group and fear of being ostracised, LF chose to remain silent as some of colleagues continue to support this degrading chat by contributing more indecent material.

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