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His career began shortly after he left the New England Conservatory to study under his idol, jazz legend, Lennie Tristano.

Cappello cites “Turkish Mambo” as the life-changing track that pushed him to seek Tristano’s guidance.

We've rounded up some major '80s inspiration for your Halloween costume this year — from Molly Ringwald's roles in John Hughes films to colorful Care Bears and cartoon characters.

From there, Cappello played with Garland Jeffreys, until being brought by school-chum, Jerry Moratta, into Peter Gabriel’s band.

When we think about the '80s, images of brightly colored spandex, crop tops, and side ponytails definitely come to mind.

Hair bands, new technology, and even some of our favorite toys we grew up with as kids all came from this loud and proud decade.

Apparently, “sexual survivors”, men and women in their 80s, testify to more sexual compatibility and emotional closeness than couples in their 50s, 60s and 70s.

Somehow, though, these surveys always seem to show that it’s the men who are having more sex, and for longer, than their female counterparts.

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, as well as his electrifying performances onstage and in MTV videos with Tina Turner in the ‘80s.

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